Congress Passes a Fire Fix March 2018

We are excited to share part of an email that arrived in my inbox last week from Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition (RVCC):

“After years of tireless work, Congress passed a comprehensive solution to address the escalating costs of fighting wildfires on federal lands.The budget deal was negotiated in the omnibus appropriations bill and passed by the Senate late last night. Solving the fire funding problem has been a top priority for RVCC and we are thrilled to see this birpartisan solution.

The bill stabilizes spending for wildfires beginning in 2020, without further eroding essential funding for programs that help reduce the risk of fire and restore our forests. Fixing this problem allows the Forest Service to get more work done on the ground, improving the health of our forests and rural communities.

RVCC extends its sincere thanks to our Congressional leaders and the countless partners who made this landmark moment possible.

Read the statement from our Fire Funding Coalition partners and look for a more detailed budget breakdown in our next newsletter.”

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