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Fire Adapted Colorado’s Chris Barth on Community Focused Mitigation

chrisChris Barth, a great friend of ours, was recently interviewed for an article on the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network Blog site .

Chris Barth is a fire mitigation and education specialist with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Chris has worked for volunteer, municipal, county and federal agencies in fire management since 1992. During his career, he has worked with the public, stakeholders, partners and the research community to promote wildfire outreach and mitigation strategies. During fire season, Chris learns about how different communities are prepared for wildfire while serving as a public information officer and liaison officer on incident management teams. Chris has bachelor’s degrees in both biology and environmental conservation, as well as a master’s degree in environmental science. He is a member of Wildfire Research (WiRē) – an interdisciplinary collaboration focused on wildfire risk mitigation and wildfire adaptation as it relates to homeowners and communities. His background spans from wildfire to wildlife and has taken him throughout the American West and into east Africa.


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