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FACO Creates Workplan and Objectives

At the FACO annual meeting held in October the team worked to create an ambitious work plan. While FACO has been around for a few years the major focus early on has been to build the policies and procedures and grow the leadership team so that FACO has a high chance of success.

FACO’s Overall Objectives are:

  • Function as a representative body in Colorado to provide coordinated opportunities for all stakeholders concerned with reducing the negative impacts of wildfires;
  • Secure funding and provide coordination (via committees) for an annual statewide conference focused on all aspects of reducing the negative impacts of wildfires;
  • Leverage resources and relationships to provide fire adapted messaging, educational tools and outreach mechanisms to interest groups and partners;
  • Assisting new and existing organizations by increasing their ability to obtain funding to promote fire adaptation concepts and activities;
  • Maintain a statewide directory of agencies and entities involved in wildfire related issues.

FAC LN Work Plan – June2016 though June 2017

  • FACO will work to aid in Colorado Wildland Fire Conference Planning
  • Create and distribute a statewide Directory
  • Work to develop a logo, outreach tools and create a platform for discussion
  • Develop outreach and communication tools
  • Develop a membership program and recruit FACO members
  • Establish a strategic plan with short and long term goals
  • Work to create sustainable funding mechanisms
  • Provide mechanisms for community input into the development of FACO

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