Community Wildfire Protection Plans in Colorado

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-2-17-19-pmCommunity Wildfire Protection Plans, or CWPPs as they are commonly referred to are planning documents that bring together diverse local interests to discuss their mutual concerns for public safety, community sustainability and natural resources. The CWPP process provides mechanisms for positive, solution-based approaches to address the challenges associated with wildland fire. A CWPP document helps communities prioritize prioritize land management on both federal and non-federal land while addressing the unique values at risk a community have identified.


CWPPs can be developed at any community level; an HOA, a watershed, or a town and can, with committed volunteers and agency support be created at minimal cost.

Below are several links to get you started as well as a link to existing CWPPs across Colorado.

How to create a CWPP –CWPP Guidance
Colorado CWPPs – Link to CSFS Statewide CWPPs