Prescribed Fire

Informing Residents about Prescribed Fire


CUSP Wildfire Suppression Team completes a burn training in Florissant Colorado.

Just this weekend I gave a presentation to a local Home Owners Association outside of Woodland Park.  We discussed the amazing work they have done and what we all still needed to work on.  I focused some time on the need to maintain the work that was completed over ten years ago.  I mentioned hosting a broadcast burn to see what the response would be.  The response was better than I had expected – often the fear of fire and the misunderstanding of the process leads residents to firmly be opposed.  This was not the case.  We will begin planning for a 2019 spring burn. After I returned home, I started to compile the FAQs regarding prescribed fire and came across this great resource from Northern Arizona University.  As we continue to work toward more resilient ecosystems and communities we must be open and honest and look at all of the tools in the mitigation toolbox.  Please follow the link by clicking on image below  to check out the great FAQ NAU put together.

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