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Fire Adapted Colorado hosts a peer network for place-based wildfire resilience practitioners and partners.  This group is free to join, and provides opportunities to engage with others in the network. Members are expected to participate in FACO activities; and in return members benefit from shared knowledge and resources, collaborative problem solving, as well as inclusion in statewide promotions of fire-centric organizations.


Networking: FACO provides several opportunities throughout the year to network with other fire practitioners across the state both online and in-person. These formal and informal meetings allow members to share programs and approaches to fire adaptation management, develop supportive peer relationships, spark new ideas and creatives solutions, and connect with decision makers.

Opportunity to participate in Learning Exchanges: A learning exchange brings together a small group of people to address one or more topics of interest to the group. We had one learning exchange in the spring of 2017 that examined different ways groups are doing wildfire risk assessments. We will be soliciting ideas for other topics of interest for learning exchanges in 2018. FACO has some funding to provide travel stipends to learning exchanges.

Participation in a shared workspace on Podio:  Another opportunity open to members will be a shared space on Podio. This is an online platform, similar to Facebook, except that it is by invite only. It is a space where we can share information and ask questions to enhance our ability to more quickly start or modify a program, glean information for someone, maintain a calendar and support a project workspace.

Listing in a Statewide Directory: We invite all wildfire-centric organizations in Colorado to contribute information about their organization/program for inclusion in a statewide resource directory. Our goal is to make this a useful tool so that if a member wanted to implement a new program, they could connect with other groups in the state running those types of programs.


Participate:  We ask members to contribute at least seventeen hours a year to participate in the online learning exchange platform, submit stories from your work, and provide feedback. The more active you are as a member, the more you will gain from the experience.

Honest and open communication: We hope members will share their opinions in constructive and tactful ways to support their fellow fire practitioners. Effective communication is key to the peer-learning process. Please be willing to share your knowledge and expertise with others in the network.


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You can download the application to review questions before completing the online form.

If you have any questions please reach out to FACO Director, Rebecca Samulski.