Who are FACO Members?

  • Place-Based Practitioners: Place-based wildfire preparedness leaders often representing: counties, wildfire councils, fire protection districts, or watershed collaboratives; and
  • Partner Practitioners: Professionals that have a piece or all of their work that supports an aspect of community fire resilience beyond a specific landscape, including representatives of: state & national agencies and organizations; scientific & land-use planning professionals; and key business, industry, & utility partners.

FACO seeks to engage organizations with one or more designated members who are motivated to participate in a network, follow our membership philosophy and contribute at least 1.5 hours/month (collectively) to the ongoing effectiveness of the network.

We highly value the importance of all helping hands as we seek to re-learn and re-define living with wildfire in Colorado and beyond. Our place-based network members engage local residents, businesses, planners, decision-makers, land use managers, and more through connections with our practitioner members to help them build local solutions for community wildland fire resilience. Our partners member provide critical support and set the stage for wildfire resilience efforts throughout the state.

Residents who find us are encouraged to connect with the place-based members where you live. Practitioners and supporters who wish to be apprised of wildfire resilience efforts in Colorado or to receive valuable notifications and wildfire preparedness resources, but who cannot commit to actively engaging as FACO members are encouraged to sign-up for the FACO newsletter, blog, and to follow @fireadaptedco on Facebook.

Becoming a FACO Member

  1. Review the benefits, expectations, and philosophy of FACO membership.
  2. Connect with any other team members in your organization or key leaders in your community wildfire adaptation efforts and submit one application. As part of the membership form, you will:
    • Determine if you are a place-based or a partner member.
    • Identify the primary member contact and additional team members. 
    • Fill out the survey of current FAC practices for place-based members.
    • Fill out a directory page that includes a list of FAC support you can offer for partner members.
    • Agree to meet the network expectations and follow the member philosophy as a team.
  3. FACO’s director and/or a board member will follow up with you/your team to get you set up on our mailing list (if you aren’t already on it), give you an overview of our social networking space, Podio, and to start strengthening your connections with the people and resources you need to be more effective in your work.
  4. Begin reaping the benefits of FACO membership.
  5. Participate, following member expectations and our member philosophy.
  6. Annually report on accomplishments, evaluate the network, and renew membership interest through a reporting form provided by FACO each fall.

Apply online via this form!


Benefits of being a FACO member
Online networking space/ Podio
Connecting to other Colorado professionals to leverage collective knowledge and resources: learning exchanges, trainings, workshops, etc.
Member highlights shared throughout Colorado and beyond
Member Calls (bi-monthly sharing, topical, peer assist, Director one-on-one)
At cost training opportunities and development support
Support and use of Zoom meeting space with FACO scheduling for you
Reduced CO Wildland Fire Conference & other workshop registration rates
Listing in the Resource Directory
Opportunities to share insights or feedback on statewide programs and policies to leverage our collective voice
Added capacity/project support (sharing templates and examples to reduce duplication, mentorship, grant proposal draft review, copy editing, etc.)
Travel support for FACO and other capacity building opportunities (as funding allows)
Opportunity Fund eligibility – mini-grants to support community fire adaptation work. FACO supports this opportunity as funding allows.
Expectations of being a FACO member
Podio (virtual workspace) engagement – Set up your profile. Schedule your digest. Post and answer other members’ inquiries at least six times per year.
Attend at least two FACO member calls, webinars, or virtual opportunities each year.
Attend at least one FACO in-person opportunity each year: Colorado Wildland Fire Conference, learning exchanges, workshops, training, etc.
Contribute at least one story per year about your local fire adaptation work for use on the FACO website, blog or Facebook page.
Share resources and messaging from FACO and other members as appropriate.
Submit information about FAC practices up to once per year as requested.
Complete and update template about support from your entity for FAC work.
Complete the network’s evaluation and feedback process.
If you have an email list or send regular newsletters, add fireadaptedco@gmail.com to your distribution list. FACO, PO Box 2312, Dolores, CO 81323
Alert FACO to professional changes (position, contact info, replacement, etc.)
Participate following the guidance outlined in the FACO Membership Philosophy

If you have any questions please reach out to FACO Director, Rebecca Samulski.