For many years, thousands of interested individuals from all walks of life have come together to protect their homes, communities and wildlands. These individuals have different motives, interests and backgrounds, but can all agree that something must be done to allow healthy natural fires burn while also mitigating the risk of unhealthy and uncharacteristic  wildfires.  At Fire Adapted Colorado (FACO) we understand how vital it is that we understand our place, the need for fire, and the importance of coming together to reduce our state’s risk to catastrophic fires. With numerous efforts occurring across the state, such as; forest management projects, Firewise initiatives, community chipper days, slash sites, prescribed fire use, Fire Adapted Communities, Ready, Set, Go, working groups and numerous collaboratives, it has become apparent that a statewide initiative be created to bring everyone together around this issue.  We are excited to share our stories, to learn and to teach, to work together and to acknowledge that when damaging fires strike anywhere in the state, they impact all of us.

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