Sarah McCaffrey, PhD, recently retired after 20 years as a fire social scientist with the US Forest Service where her research focused on understanding the social dynamics of fire [...]

Bill Hahnenberg

Bill Hahnenberg retired in January of 2021 after a career of 47 and a half years with the US Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. For the last three and a half years of his career, [...]

Jim Webster

(FACO VICE-CHAIR) Jim Webster works for Boulder County. Jim designed and leads Wildfire Partners, a nationally recognized, public-private partnership to help homeowners prepare for wildfire. He [...]

Ashley Downing

(FACO SECRETARY/TREASURER) Ashley Downing, Executive Director of Wildfire Adapted Partnership, joined the Fire Adapted Colorado Board of Directors as a voting member in June, 2019. Ashley brings [...]

Paul Cada

(FACO CHAIR) Paul Cada is the Wildland Program Manager for Vail Fire and Emergency Services.  In this role he is responsible for the department and Town’s preparedness and response to wildland [...]

Ellis Thompson

Ellis Thompson is a Community Outreach Specialist for the Grand Junction Fire Department, Founder and Co-Chair of the Two Rivers Wildfire Coalition, and a National Fire Academy Instructor for [...]

Eric Lovgren

(BOARD MEMBER) Eric Lovgren, is the Community Mitigation Manager for Eagle County, Colorado. Since 2006, Eric has been primarily responsible for Eagle County’s Wildfire Mitigation Program. In [...]