Coalitions and Collaboratives, Inc

COCO was formed in 2014 after about a year of research, thought, and planning. Coalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP), their sister organization, was growing and becoming a nationally recognized leader in the field and groups outside the watershed were calling on CUSP for assistance and input. It was these regular calls for help that led the CUSP board and management team to launch COCO in 2014. COCO partners with grassroots nonprofit
organizations, corporations, foundations, Tribes, universities, federal and state agencies.

At COCO we foster collaborative conservation
initiatives by:

  • Mentoring placed-based collaborative organizations and providing financial, technical, and staff support.
  • Working to support organizations that address local conservation issues through an inclusive community-based approach.
  • Engaging and educating local, regional and national leaders on some of the most pressing conservation issues of our time.
  • Recognizing that passionate and engaged people are the source of action for restoration projects. We support these people and help to increase the capacity of the groups they work with. More importantly, we share and celebrate their successes in making positive, sustainable change in their communities and restoring the lands we all depend on.
  • Action, Implementation and Mitigation (AIM) Grant
  • ¬†Community Mitigation Assistance Team (CMAT)
  • Community Wildfire Mitigation Best
  • Practices training course
  • Mitigation Mentors Program
  • After the Flames Workshops
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