Colorado Resiliency Office

The Colorado Resiliency Office (CRO), part of the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) Division of Local Government, helps communities understand the shocks and stresses they face, make connections across sectors to leverage resources and ideas, develop solutions that address multiple challenges, and build adaptability and preparedness into plans. We coordinate and collaborate across State agencies and with local, state, federal, private, and non-governmental partners to ensure that Colorado communities are resilient to disruptions and adapt to changing environmental, social, and economic conditions.

Key Services
  • Develop a plan to improve coordination among state agencies and local jurisdictions to support community and economic recovery efforts and to address risk and vulnerability reduction;
  • Provide technical assistance to local governments for the implementation of resilience planning, including resilience frameworks, vulnerability profiles, risk-reduction plans, and economic development strategies;
  • Provide technical assistance to state agencies for the implementation of resilience policies and procedures and to institutionalize resilience practices across departments and agencies;
  • Provide technical assistance to local governments and state agencies to secure additional resources and investment to implement resilience solutions;
  • Integrate resilience criteria into existing competitive grant programs;
  • Provide policy advocacy to shape federal resilience efforts;
  • Develop metrics and targets to measure the short- and long-term success of resilience efforts and actions; and
  • Support long-term community recovery efforts and resource navigation after a disaster.
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