Mile High Youth Corps

Mile High Youth Corps (MHYC) is a nonprofit social enterprise powered by a network of young adults, ages 18-24, who are justice-focused, committed to creating sustainable communities and pursuing a meaningful path to career success. As a leader in positive youth development, workforce development, and community-based service, our Youth Corps completes conservation, construction, and healthcare projects across 23 Colorado counties. For over 30 years, our work has been making a difference for communities today and building a stronger workforce for tomorrow.

Key services:
  • New Trail Construction
  • Trail Maintenance
  • Rock and Timber Structures
  • Habitat Restoration: Invasive Tree Removal; Noxious Weed Removal; Pesticide Application, Native Planting& Seeding; Wood Chipping
  • Fire Mitigation - Forest thinning; Hazardous fuels reduction; Post-fire erosion control and re-vegetation
  • Park Development - Fence construction, demolition and maintenance; Planting and mulching; Infrastructure improvements; Historical preservation
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