Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative

The Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative is a network of individuals and organizations representing watershed coalitions and forest health partnerships, local governments and districts, researchers, state and federal agencies, and more, all bringing their own perspectives and expertise. We are collaborating to maximize the use of fire and other forest management techniques to increase the pace and scale of treatments needed to tackle the challenge of making our forests healthy and resilient, our water supplies reliable, and our communities safer.
The Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative (NCFC) spans the Front Range from the Wyoming border through Clear Creek County.

Key Services:
  • Collaboration: Build a network of organizations to collaboratively identify strategic areas and plan Fireshed efforts.
  • Education: Increase understanding and support for active wildland fire risk management activities at the landscape scale.
  • Funding: Identify, cultivate, and sustain diverse funding sources to support implementation.
  • Landscape treatments: Build local capacity to implement prescribed fire and other treatments.
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