Roaring Fork Valley Wildfire Collaborative

Focusing on prevention, preparedness, and response, the Roaring Fork Valley Wildfire Collaborative represents a powerful force for change in our community, accelerating our impact through strategic collaboration. We empower communities to shift mindsets from fear to resiliency, bring together experts to identify risk and implement mitigation strategies, secure resources, and build buy-in for critical change.

Mission: To reduce wildfire risk by identifying, prioritizing, and implementing strategic cross-boundary plans and projects aimed at creating fire-resilient landscapes and fire-adapted communities while focusing on community engagement, education, and inclusion.

Recognizing that resilience at this scale requires partnerships, the Collaborative is at its core a group of fire and forestry experts, community leaders, nonprofits, businesses, and agencies who work together to create real change.

Key services:
  • PARTNERSHIPS - We know that our success is built and sustained through strong and coordinated long-term, strategic, cross-sector partnerships.
  • PREVENTION - Fire-Focused Ecosystem Management. By strategically planning, funding, and implementing proactive mitigation, including controlled burns and vegetation management, we can protect against destructive wildfires and improve the valley’s natural habitats and ecosystems.
  • PREPAREDNESS - Community Education and Empowerment: Through intentional and trusted outreach, we work to ensure every member of our community is informed and prepared for wildfire and empowered to share responsibility for mitigation, preparedness, and evacuation.
  • RESPONSE - Enhanced Detection and Response: By researching cutting-edge technology and strategic planning, we can improve our ability to detect wildfires early and respond swiftly. This means more lives saved, less property damage, and a stronger sense of security for residents.
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