Rocky Mountain Restoration Initiative

Vision: Embrace Shared Stewardship principles by building a collaborative foundation to address challenges, identify opportunities and potential solutions that will lead to measurable and scalable results in the restoration of critical landscapes in the Rocky Mountains.

The Rocky Mountain Restoration Initiative is a national pilot for shared stewardship co-convened by the USFS and the National Wild Turkey Federation. RMRI is a large group of partners and it’s growing. It includes Federal, state and local partners, representing the four values: Communities, Wildlife/Forests, Water and Recreation. Southwest Colorado was unanimously chosen by RMRI partners as the place to work first.

Our goal over the next 10-years is to treat 310,000 acres of Federal and private lands. The bigger questions: Can we focus on a landscape and restore it? Can we increase the pace and scale of our restoration efforts to be commensurate with the threats? Can we duplicate this effort in other Colorado landscapes and across the West?

The RMRI Partners include 40 stakeholders and we’re growing. Our partners include Federal, State and local partners from government agencies to conservation, wildfire, recreation organizations and private
corporations. Join us!

  • Working with partners in SW Colorado to treat 310,000 acres of public and private land.
  • Assisting the Upper South Platte and Upper Arkansas move closer to their landscape restoration goals.
  • Subcommittees are addressing three cross-cutting issues that will “raise all boats.” Those cross-cutting issues include: Biomass
  • Utilization, Workforce Development, and Social License.
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