Rotary Wildfire Ready

Rotary Wildfire Ready is a community-based project designed to increase wildfire awareness and education that serves Colorado Front Range communities including Bailey, Pine, Conifer, Evergreen, Genessee, and Lookout Mountain. Rotary Wildfire Ready is funded through the Evergreen Rotary Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Colorado nonprofit, and is comprised of a working group that includes the Rotary Clubs of Evergreen, Mountain Foothills, Conifer, and Community Leaders from Evergreen, Conifer, and Bailey, and local fire departments. The mission of Rotary Wildfire Ready is to increase wildfire awareness and preparedness in our mountain communities, and help make residents safer from the threat of wildfire.

Key services:
  • Community Engagement: community events and Neighborhood Ambassador Programs for community wildfire protection and implementation plans
  • Safety & Evacuation: promoting community sign-up for emergency alerts and evacuation preparedness
  • Resident Mitigation Education: on defensible space, home hardening, and promoting a fire resistant landscape
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