Southern Rockies Fire Science Network

What is a Fire Science Network?
The southern Rocky Mountain region is faced with challenging wildfire conditions, such as:
• Widespread increase in development
• Dramatic change and decline in forest health
• Abundant forest fuels and invasive plants
• Drought and shifting weather patterns
The Southern Rockies Fire Science Network (SRFSN) is a service that helps researchers, land managers, and communities share science-based knowledge from South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado to central Utah.

What We Do
Foster the productive exchange and use of science-based wildfire knowledge among researchers,
land managers, and communities, to support sound land management decisions.

We can help with: - Events Logistics Information - Experts Networking Funding The SRFSN is one of a national network of exchanges funded through the Joint Fire Science Program, and interagency research, development, and applications partnership.
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