The Ember Alliance

The Ember Alliance’s mission is to restore the relationship between communities and fire on the landscape; we envision a world where communities thrive with fire.
The Ember Alliance focuses on three core areas to support our mission:

Collaborative planning to prepare communities for wildfire: The Ember Alliance conducts wildfire risk and hazard assessments, develops Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs), and teaches and mentors communities as they develop their own plans.
Planning and implementation of prescribed fire: The Ember Alliance facilitates collaborative planning and implementation of prescribed fire to build local capacity.
Workforce development: The Ember Alliance’s Good Jobs Pipeline recruits, trains, and hires new fire practitioners into. We endeavor to create a socially-just fire management community that is inclusive of underrepresented populations.

The Ember Alliance works with partners along multiple axes:
  • Prescribed Fire Planning and Implementation: We provide professional broadcast and pile burn planning service and have the expertise, qualifications, and equipment to put good fire on the ground.
  • Professional Fire Training: Our training program builds skills and confidence for fire practitioners from all backgrounds and experience levels in an inclusive and supportive learning environment.
  • Community Wildfire Planning Services: We believe in a holistic approach to preparing communities for wildfire. From NEPA engagement to Community Wildfire Protection Plans, out team is dedicated to serving communities.
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