The Ember Alliance

The Ember Alliance is dedicated to creating a fire resilient society that supports people, landscapes, and the planet.

The Ember Alliance helps communities prepare for wildfires, from preplanning to response to recovery. We work with public and private groups to conduct prescribed fires to make sure that when wildfires happen, they burn calmly in healthy forests and grasslands that have been burned previously. We endeavor to create the enabling conditions for fire resiliency and socially just fire management through workforce development, particularly for underserved and underrepresented populations. We also support community planning efforts, fire operations, policy engagement, and building and engaging with multi-stakeholder partnerships to achieve resilient outcomes.

The Ember Alliance works with partners along multiple axes:
  • Prescribed Fire Planning and Implementation: We provide professional broadcast and pile burn planning service and have the expertise, qualifications, and equipment to put good fire on the ground.
  • Professional Fire Training: Our training program builds skills and confidence for fire practitioners from all backgrounds and experience levels in an inclusive and supportive learning environment.
  • Community Wildfire Planning Services: We believe in a holistic approach to preparing communities for wildfire. From NEPA engagement to
  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans, out team is dedicated to serving communities.
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