Wildfire Adapted Partnership

Wildfire Adapted Partnership (WAP) is a non-profit organization that inspires, motivates, educates and serves individuals, organizations and communities joining together to protect lives and property from wildfire. WAP has wildfire education and wildfire mitigation incentive programs serving Archuleta, Dolores, La Plata, Montezuma and San Juan counties in Southwest Colorado. WAP (formerly FireWise) has been providing wildfire education and supporting wildfire preparedness planning and implementation since 2003, and with the wonderful work of volunteers, WAP has made great strides to increase wildfire awareness and help residents learn to live safely with wildfire.

Key services:
  • Neighborhood Ambassador Program
  • Chipper Rebate
  • Defensible Space Cost Share
  • Community Assessments and Community Wildfire Protection Plans
  • Wildfire Education
  • Evacuation Planning
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  • photo of the quartz ridge fire smoldering through a stand of trees

    Minimizing Risk; Completing IncidentObjectives

    It’s an understatement to simply say that social dynamics are a critical part of fire management, and one aspect critical to improving outcomes is understanding how internal organizational factors interact with external social factors. As wildfire resilience leaders, our interactions with the public are one way we tell the story, offering us an opportunity to… learn more >