Wildfire Partners

Wildfire Partners is Boulder County’s mitigation program which supports collective and personal action to create wildfire-resilient communities. We educate, motivate and assist residents in preparing for future wildfires through individual home assessments in our mountain and foothills communities (West Boulder County), with community mitigation in neighborhoods where homes are located closer to one another (East and West Boulder County), and from chipping services provided to all residents of the county. Wildfire Partners is a nationally recognized model for wildfire mitigation that is incorporated into Boulder County’s building code.

Key services:
  • Individual property assessment from a mitigation specialist and a comprehensive report describing actions to mitigate wildfire risk
  • Certification as proof of mitigation which aids homeowners in West Boulder County to acquire or retain homeowners’ insurance
  • Community presentations, advising and mitigation planning
  • Funding distributor for residential tree and shrub removal, strategic fuels mitigation in forest and grassland areas, free chipping services and more
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