Wildfire Research Center (WiRē)

The mission of the WiRē Center is to support evidence-based community wildfire education efforts so that communities can live with wildfire. Specifically, the WiRē Center provides personalized expertise and support to collect, interpret, and use paired parcel-level wildfire risk and social data. The WiRē Approach enables partners to effectively allocate resources and engage with residents. Leveraging lessons learned across projects, the WiRē Center pursues scientific approaches to inform conversations and decisions about wildfire adaptation.

Our approach (the WiRē approach) is a systematic process that links professionally assessed wildfire risk information with social data from a household survey to help find opportunities to increase interest and enthusiasm for mitigation in WUI communities. To our knowledge, the WiRē Center is the only organization working with wildfire practitioner partners to pair wildfire risk and social data.

The WiRē Center provides hands-on, personalized expertise to wildfire practitioners who want to implement the systematic data collection approach. The needs of the community dictate the level of service the WiRē Center provides. The WiRē Center provides the avenue through which communities can access the expertise of the WiRē Team and implement the WiRē Team’s approach. The WiRē Center provides training and support to allow practitioners to collect data and map results. Summarizing and understanding the social data require the expertise of WiRē Center and Team.
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