Coalition for the Upper South Platte

Coalition for the Upper South Platte is a watershed protection nonprofit focusing on forest ecological restoration and fuels mitigation, Fire Adapted Communities, wildfire restoration, water quality, trails, noxious weeds, and carbon offsets. CSUP serves 2600 square miles southwest of Denver and northwest of Colorado Springs, encompassing parts of Park, Clear Creek, Jefferson, Douglas, and Teller Counties. Their mission is to protect the water quality and ecological health of the Upper South Platte Watershed, through the collaborative efforts of watershed stakeholders with emphasis on community values and economic sustainability.

Key services:

  • Landscape Treatments: forest restoration and hazardous fuels reduction
  • Resident & Community Mitigation: defensible space and home hardening
  • Safety & Evacuation: improved ingress/egress
  • Community Engagement: community meetings and events
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