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Urban Conflagration

Definition: An urban conflagration is a phenomenon where wildfire spreads rapidly from building to building in an urban area in the absence of significant burnable vegetation.

It needs extreme weather conditions to occur – the same conditions that occur in the 2% of fires that cannot be suppressed.

The Marshall Fire in Louisville and Superior, CO which destroyed 1,036 structures in 2021, and the East Troublesome Fire in Grand County, CO which destroyed 580 structures in 2020 are  examples of fires where urban conflagration occurred in Colorado.


Definition: Megafires, typically defined as covering more than 100,000 acres (40,000 hectares or 400 square kilometres), are accelerated by high temperatures and drought.

As their name suggests, megafires are wildfires of extreme size with great destructive potential, which can make them especially challenging to manage.

Colorado’s Largest Fires by Acreage, include

  1. Cameron Peak       208,913 acres – 2020
  2. East Troublesome 193,812 acres – 2020
  3. Pine Gulch              139,007 acres – 2020
  4. Hayman                  137,760 acres – 2002
  5. Spring Creek          108,045 acres – 2018

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