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Tri State Generation and Transmission Association

Tri-State Generation and Transmission is a wholesale power supplier based in Colorado. We provide electricity for 42 utilities across in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming 200,000 square miles of the West, from the eastern plains through the Rocky Mountains and down to the southern deserts. Wildfire mitigation is core to protecting our assets and… learn more >

WRA Environmental Consultants

Cultivating a sustainable future where people and the environment thrive.

Wildfire Preparedness Services

Wildfire Preparedness Services provides advice, training, and facilitation to agencies, elected officials, businesses, communities, and homeowners at risk on Home Ignition Zone Best Practices and general wildfire preparedness. We also provide services to Insurance, Real Estate, and Utility Industries.

Shining Horizons Land Management, LLC

Ranching for whole-systems resilience: agrarian stewardship for an ecological, economic, and social triple bottom line. Grazing planning, rangeland assessment & monitoring. Livestock-carnivore coexistence. Available for consulting and presentations. Contract work for range and wildlife conservation organizations.

Red Zone

RedZone boasts the best-in-class expertise on wildfires and their impact on homes and businesses. We serve our clients and their clients by aiding in the protection of property and assets, enhancing customer engagement and improving financial performance. We are recognized as the leaders in wildfire modeling because of our unique combination of emergency management expertise… learn more >

Colorado Springs Utilities

Colorado Springs Forest Management Program manages the municipal watersheds for the city of Colorado Springs. The program utilizes hazard risk modeling and diverse partnerships to aid in the protection and management of forested environments within municipal watersheds.