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Roaring Fork Valley Wildfire Collaborative

Focusing on prevention, preparedness, and response, the Roaring Fork Valley Wildfire Collaborative represents a powerful force for change in our community, accelerating our impact through strategic collaboration. We empower communities to shift mindsets from fear to resiliency, bring together experts to identify risk and implement mitigation strategies, secure resources, and build buy-in for critical change.… learn more >

Eagle Valley Wildland

Eagle Valley Wildland is a collaborative partnership between multiple agencies dedicated to reducing the risk of wildfires through mitigation, suppression and community education. Includes Great Eagle Fire District, Gypsum Fire, Eagle River Fire Protection District, Eagle Valley Wildland, and Eagle County.  

Eagle County Wildfire Mitigation

Eagle County Wildfire Mitigation is focused on resiliency planning and creating fire adapted communities by reducing wildfire risk in the Wildland Urban Interface / Intermix within Eagle County. They negotiate with homeowners, developers, builders, local fire authorities, and others in order to achieve workable solutions while maintaining the integrity of Eagle County’s Wildfire Regulations.

Vail Fire and Emergency Services

Vail Fire and Emergency Services is a department of the Town of Vail. The Department is an all risk fire department providing prevention, mitigation and emergency services to the town and surrounding area. Vail Fire has been highly engaged in wildfire risk reduction in our community since 2007. Over the past 13 years the department… learn more >

Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers

Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers (RFOV) is dedicated to creating public lands stewards through volunteer trail work and landscape restoration in the Roaring Fork and Middle Colorado watersheds in Pitkin, Garfield, Eagle, and Gunnison Counties. Founded in 1995, the organization has focused primarily on riparian/riverine and littoral restoration. Following the 2018 Lake Christine Fire in Basalt,… learn more >

Greater Eagle Fire Protection District

Greater Eagle Fire Protection District (GEFPD) includes the fire department that employs 14 career firefighters and 20 volunteer firefighters, who serve a residential population of more than 8,000 citizens in west-central Eagle County. GEFPD provides emergency services to a geographical area of over 190 square miles and includes residential, commercial, rural areas, and federal lands.… learn more >

Eagle River Fire Protection District

Eagle River Fire Protection District (ERFPD)’s primary purpose is to provide fire suppression, rescue, emergency medical, hazardous materials services, fire prevention, and public education to its residents, businesses, and visitors. ERFPD has 5 staffed fire stations, employs approximately 73 personnel, and serves a resident population of around 25,000 people within Eagle County, west and southwest… learn more >

Eagle County Wildfire Collaborative

The purpose of the Eagle County Wildfire Collaborative is to create wildfire resilience in Eagle County. Through a unified effort, the Eagle County Wildfire Collaborative inspires communities, agencies, and partners to understand and reduce the risk of wildfire through sustained adaptation to the County’s dynamic fire environment. The Eagle County Wildfire Collaborative reduces the wildfire… learn more >