City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks

City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks

The Open Space and Mountain Parks Department preserves and protects the natural environment and land resources that characterize Boulder. We foster appreciation and use that sustain the natural values of the land for current and future generations.

Boulder County Fireshed Logo

Boulder County Fireshed

In August of 2020, federal, state, and local governments joined with non-profit entities in Boulder County to establish the Boulder County Fireshed as a shared vision for reducing the risk of wildfire to its people, communities, recreation areas, and natural resources through closely coordinated forest management across all lands. With the signing of the agreement… learn more >

City & County of Broomfield logo

Broomfield Emergency Mangement

Working in partnership with the community, the City and County of Broomfield provides excellent services in an efficient, respectful, and courteous manner to enhance and protect the environment and quality of life of Broomfield residents.

chaffee-co-oem logo

Chaffee County Emergency Management

The Chaffee County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) plans, coordinates and supports a wide-range of activities that help prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters and large-scale emergencies, while also reducing vulnerabilities to hazards. In Chaffee County, the Office of Emergency Management is a department within the county government that also serves the local… learn more >

City of Lone Tree

Vision: Lone Tree is a premier Colorado community connected by great neighborhoods, vibrant public spaces, a beautiful natural environment, and thriving businesses. Mission: We will achieve Lone Tree’s community vision by doing things the best way, not just the expected way. Values: We are committed to Excellence through Integrity, Collaboration, and Innovation.

San Miguel Sheriff’s Office

The San Miguel Sheriff’s Office focuses on public safety, peace keeping, wildland fire suppression, and search and rescue. The mission of San Miguel County Emergency Management is to support the community’s disaster preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation needs through the coordination of information and resources.

Pitkin County Emergency Management

The Pitkin County Sheriff’s office includes the Emergency Management department, whose mission is to promote public safety and emergency response in their communities.

image of the Gunnison County logo

Gunnison County Emergency Management

The primary mission of Gunnison County Emergency Management is to provide comprehensive emergency management services to Gunnison County agencies, first responders and citizens so they have the necessary tools, information and assistance to develop and implement effective mitigation, preparedness activities, and response and recovery plans.

Eagle County Wildfire Mitigation

Eagle County Wildfire Mitigation is focused on resiliency planning and creating fire adapted communities by reducing wildfire risk in the Wildland Urban Interface / Intermix within Eagle County. They negotiate with homeowners, developers, builders, local fire authorities, and others in order to achieve workable solutions while maintaining the integrity of Eagle County’s Wildfire Regulations.

Douglas County Government

The Douglas County Wildfire Mitigation Staff plans, prepares, and implements forest management and natural resources stewardship projects on county-owned open space lands. In the last decade a significant amount of Colorado’s forests have been lost or damaged due to insects, disease, and high intensity wildfires. Forest management and vegetation treatments are designed to increase forest… learn more >

A logo for Wildfire Partners in Boulder County

Wildfire Partners

Wildfire Partners is Boulder County’s mitigation program which supports collective and personal action to create wildfire-resilient communities. We educate, motivate and assist residents in preparing for future wildfires through individual home assessments in our mountain and foothills communities (West Boulder County), with community mitigation in neighborhoods where homes are located closer to one another (East… learn more >